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Cotton Picker Works, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Agricultural Service in Eudora, AR
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  • Experience Makes the Difference
In 1983 Cotton in the US was still the number one textile commodity in the south, and cotton farming was a predominant crop amongst many farmers. At this time, businessman entrepreneur Randy Pieroni founded Cotton Picker Works, Inc.  Now with over 30 years experience in the cotton service industry and cotton picker repairs, Cotton Picker Works has built its reputation over the years on Superior Customer Service. Experience has a lot to do with it; Randy’s 40 years plus experience and well over 100 years experience by the service technicians in the shop have provided expert and experienced service work for all CPW customers. 
“This coupled experience and technical knowledge provides the best value possible anywhere for cotton picker repair service”. 
  • Location…Location…Location
Located in the heart of Cotton Industry production in the US (South East Arkansas), Cotton Picker Works spans a 14 state service territory covering a majority of the largest cotton producing farms in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Missouri and throughout the Carolinas. 

  • Best Value….From Start to Finish
Our specialization repair process is what keeps our costs so low and our quality among the best there is available anywhere. We have each employee trained and specialized in an area of repair to provide fast and expert service repairs. This assembly style service provides an increased efficiency and productivity in repairing the headers of the cotton pickers. This process is what enables Cotton Picker Works to provide superior service and value over any of our closest competition. “While our reputation has been founded and known for superior quality in our Cotton Picker Heads, it is our service that separates us from any other competitor”. One summer evening last year during harvest time, one of our customers in Alabama called us with a small emergency, he had just started to harvest his crop, rain was in the upcoming forecast, and his header had just broken down. We drove through the night to pick up the headers, bring them back to the shop that morning, repaired them that day and reinstalled them back at our customers’ farm that next evening. ”While 24 hour service delivery is sometimes very difficult, if it’s needed and we can do it, we will!” Today this customer is our number one customer referral for us, call us for his number, he’ll tell you how we saved his harvest last Fall”.

  • We also sell parts and broker equipment in the USA, Mexico, China, and Greece.
  • Call today and let us help you get an early and affordable start on your Cotton Picker Repair.
    Randy Pieroni or Billy Foster

    Highway 65 S. , Lake Village, AR
    Serving Cotton Farmers Since 1983

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